17 Apr 2011

Loved this flick for years..

Mad Story... from Revok's blog..


OZIE was this first to do this crazy spot on the 405 freeway in LA back in 97′… He had to use repelling gear to get down to the tiny ledge in order to do it… As the story goes, apparently when he finished and was climbing back up he was having trouble reaching over the overhanging lip while hanging onto the rope to pull himself back up… He started spinning around on the rope and fell. Somehow his leg got tangled up in the rope which left him hanging upside down… Still some 50 odd feet above the ground. Eventually OZIE was able to cut himself free with a knife… Falling to the slanted embankment next to the freeway breaking his back, arm and leg. According to the story I was told, police then showed up… A group of detectives that let him know they had been tailing him, and told OZIE that he deserved this, apparently they then left him there. OZIE laid on the side of the freeway with a broken back, leg and arm for 4 hours… Until someone spotted him during rush hour traffic and called 911.

OZIE woke from unconsciousness the next day handcuffed to the bed in the hospital.